What is phone tracker and why should you care?

Phone tracker

Phone Tracker is an application for portable gadgets, which can allow you to control chosen apparatus. This app can be installed on various mobile devices, which are based on Android, as well as on computer running Windows or MacOS.

This program gives an ability to track the location of a certain phone, incoming and outgoing calls, messages, provides access to the contact list, gallery, camera, browsing history, messages in social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp, Internet activity and detects changes of SIM cards. The advantage is that this tracker completely invisible. The user will hardly notice that the handset is being watched.

How does it work?

Phone tracker works via GPS and Wi-Fi. You need to install it on your gadget and the gadget you want to control. It is necessary to register them. Using such application requires telephone owner’s consent. After that, chosen devices must be connected. An important condition is that a surveillance device should always be switched on. It is not impossible to control disconnected apparatus.

Why do you need it?

You may think that you don’t need phone tracker’s functions and they can’t help you. But this is not true. This app can be used in most areas of life.
You can use it to monitor your children. Know where they are, with whom they are, what they are doing. It is critical to monitor your children in the process of education because there is always a danger of falling into a bad company.
Do you want to assure yourself of a stolen phone? This program will determine the location of your handset in case of theft, make a backup of all data and help to find the thief. Your time, efforts and money will be saved.
Phone tracker may be useful for you in business and management. By installing this application on all PC in an office, you will be able to control your subordinates and know what they’re doing.
If you are the owner of multiple devices, which contain a vast amount of information, you just need this app. It will help to synchronize the gadgets and control an exchange of information between them. Thus, you can use one device to control all other ones.
The most controversial way is using this application in relations between partners. On the one hand, you have an ability to control your partner, know where he is, what he does, if he’s cheating on you, no annoying him by constant calls. On the other hand, you need to understand that meddling in a private space of the partner, you will never reach family happiness, because relations must be based on mutual trust. In many countries this is illegal. You should check legislation of your state.


Summing up, phone trackers have either advantages or disadvantages. To the advantages we can refer a huge number of functions, a possibility to manage or synchronize your devices, to insure yourself against loss or theft of your phone, optimize a workflow of subordinates and keep an eye on your children. The main disadvantage appears when people’s private space is violated by unfair using of such programs. Another pro are prohibition of these applications in certain countries. Despite this drawbacks, there are much more benefits of these trackers, and they are more substantial.

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